Two Nights in Saigon

07th of May 2015

The Cinnamon is a very small hotel hardly visible from the street and pretty much bang in the middle of the city. It's old but well looked after and there's pretty much everything thing you want including reasonable speed wifi. The hotel may be old but the staff are all young and very capable and helpful. Vietnam is still one of the few 'smiley places' left and the staff were genuine and very smiley. They all speak pretty good english and whatever you want they can get you without a moan. If there is one let down it's the size of the dining room which also doubles as the reception. However, we ate out because the best restaurants are very cheap for Sterling visitors (things may have changed a bit on that front since the election) so we only breakfasted in the hotel. And the size of the dining room actually forces you to talk to your fellow guests and we met some very interesting people there. If you want a cheapish hotel hotel smack in the middle of the city this is probably the place. Being the middle of the city does mean there is some noise but we were at the front and with the wooden blind closed and the window shut (there is aircon) I slept very well both nights. One final thing, book a taxi through your hotel. Two firms are properly run and the rest are owned by what must be the Vietnam mafia. Not only will the mafia charge you three times the normal meter rate, they'll also whip a 500,000 dong note from in front of your eyes and replace it with a 20,000. The girls at the Cinnamon Hotel warned us about it so we were ready when it happened.

Peter Williams Jones - British

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