Photo Gallery: Bamboo Straws

Our bamboo straws are made in Thung Nai, a village of 500 in the Hòa Bình Province of Vietnam. We recently visited the village to talk to Mường bamboo farmers, film the straws being made, and share their stories with you. We hope you enjoy these pictures, and that you will visit this beautiful area too!

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Bamboo Straws: The Bigger Picture

Choosing a bamboo straw over a plastic one may not seem like a big effort, but our vision is part of a much bigger picture. It all started with an every-day scenario, and a very simple solution.

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Bamboo Straws In Practice

Bamboo straws are a fun and eco-friendly zero waste alternative. These straws are handmade from whole bamboo stalks - naturally hollow, nothing else needed! Our straws also give low-income Mường families in Thung Nai, Vietnam a way to make a living using an abundant, local resource.

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