Why Bamboo?

Here are our top ten reasons why bamboo straws can change the world - can you add others to the list?

1. Fast-growing: bamboo quickly regenerates, and can produce a finished product much faster than wood.

2. Strong: this amazing plant is strong enough to be used to build house foundations!

3. 100% compostable: though bamboo will last a very long time, when it does break down, it goes completely back to the earth.

4. Already hollow: bamboo is ideal for straws - minimal processing required, and no chemicals needed.

5. Local material: a common plant found in Vietnam, so the whole product can be produced here.

6. Easy to clean: to clean a bamboo straw, simply wash it with soap and hot water, or use a pipe cleaner or small-bristled brush (ideally made of natural fibres - no plastic!). Let the straw dry naturally, and store it the same way you would chopsticks.

7. Each is unique: no two bamboo straws are the same, making them a special gift.

8. Support local people: our straws are made by hand by Mường women, from bamboo harvested on their properties. This helps our makers preserve their culture and stay in their community.

9. Last for years: instead of using the estimated average of 620 plastic straws a year, you can use one bamboo straw for several years!

10. Promotes national spirit: above all, bamboo is something that Vietnam can truly be proud of. It's strength represents so much about this country and our culture, which can survive, grow, and make the world a better place!


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