Bamboo Straws In Practice

Bamboo straws are a fun and eco-friendly zero waste alternative. These straws are handmade from whole bamboo stalks - naturally hollow, nothing else needed! Our straws also give low-income Mường families in Thung Nai, Vietnam a way to make a living using an abundant, local resource.

We want to make it easy for our guests to switch from plastic to bamboo. To help spread this message, we have provided environmental awareness 

Cinnamon Hotel Bamboo Straw

training for our staff, made the straws available in every room at the Cinnamon Hotel, and use them as our default option for customers in the Mint Café.

You might wonder why environmental awareness training for staff is part of this project. We recognize that in order to create an exceptional guest experience, our staff must be informed and excited about any change. Introducing bamboo straws is no different.

Our goal is two-fold:

  1. To have our front-line and office staff aware of the impact of plastics and how the bamboo straws are made, so that they can answer any customer's questions; and
  2. To build awareness among each staff member of their own personal plastic use, and to recognize that we are all in the process of reducing our environmental impact.

After a recent training which explained the problem with single-use plastics, the bamboo straw solution, and our vision, a few staff members provided the following comments:

Thanks for sharing. This topic helps me understand more about the environmental project.

This meeting is so useful for my life.

I really appreciate you sharing about bamboo straws. An excellent presentation which shows the idea of taking a small step to change and save the world.

We hope this will inspire you to put your own environmental awareness into practice!

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