Photo Gallery: Bamboo Straws

Our bamboo straws are made in Thung Nai, a village of 500 in the Hòa Bình Province of Vietnam. We recently visited the village to talk to Mường bamboo farmers, film the straws being made, and share their stories with you. We hope you enjoy these pictures, and that you will visit this beautiful area too!

Da River min min
Bamboo grows along the banks of the Da River (Sông Đà) in Thung Nai, at the heart of Hòa Bình Province.
IMG 1267
Women return to shore after harvesting bamboo along the river.
Bamboo Harvest min
Bamboo is cut and ready to dry. This is a larger species than used for straws, so will be used as building material.
IMG 1265 min min
A typical village scene in Thung Nai.
IMG 1260 min min
Each family has a small garden just outside the house, and a few animals.
Thung Nai Community Hall min min
This is the community hall, where they are working to build a soccer field and play area for the village's 50 children.
IMG 1259 min min
Houses are built on stilts, to keep animals away and protect from water.
IMG 1276 min min
After bamboo has been cut and sun-dried for a few weeks, it is ready to be made into straws. A simple knife and some sandpaper are all that is needed. This woman, of the Mường ethnic group, is making straws just outside of her family's cooking fire.
IMG 1282
A lookout on the beautiful Da River, only a short drive from Thung Nai village.

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