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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Cinnamon Hanoi Hotel. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure you will find our hotel comfortable and enjoyable.

Just a few steps away from the historic Hoan Kiem Lake and in a wonderful panoramic position you will find the Cinnamon Hotel, run with an eye on the environment.

Hanoi Shopping

Hanoi shopping scene is renowned for its bustling markets and colonial shophouses, but there are a growing number of flash boutiques and shopping malls thanks to the city’s rapid modernisation. Traditional markets (outdoor and indoor) are scattered across the city with local vendors selling Vietnamese coffee beans, household supplies, and Vietnamese street food at attractive prices.

47 Tran Hung Dao St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 824-2727
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Cao Minh is a good but expensive tailor from Ho Chi Minh City, where tailors are generally considered to be more talented. 
18 Nha Tho St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 828-9925
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Co. stocks some ready-to-wear linen clothing and provides quality custom-made garments. Owing to this store's popularity, it may take more than a week to have clothes made, and the tailoring may be outsourced if the shop is very busy


76 Hang Gai St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 826-8758
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Duc Loi Silk-Queen Silk has a colorful selection of ready-made silk shirts and scarves. This shop has a wide choice of printed silk fabrics and can make clothes quickly. 
59G Hai Ba Trung St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 942-1872
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Ipa-Nima ( is the place to get beautifully designed, funky, and fashionable handbags made of rattan, brocade, crochet, beads, and all kinds of other materials. It also sells very original jewelry and accessories such as cuff links. 
17A Phan Boi Chau St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 822-2228
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Jade Collection is managed by a French-Vietnamese woman trained in fashion design. Choose from ready-to-wear pieces or have them copied in your size. 
108 Hang Gai St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 826-7236
 Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Kenly Silk can cut to order, has good and relatively inexpensive silk and linen clothing, and fill orders in a timely manner. 
96 Hang Gai St., Hoan Kiem District. Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 825-4237
 Accessories, Clothing
Ba Dinh District
Khai Silk is where the Princess of Thailand shops for fine silk blouses, sweaters, scarves, lingerie, sheets, and more. Linen is also available, as are men's clothes. 
10F Dinh Liet St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 934-323
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
 La Boutique and The Silk carries a colorful selection of woven silk scarves imported from Laos, as well as shirts, jackets, and trousers made from embroidered and woven ethnic-minority fabrics. The shop also sells some silver jewelry made by various ethnic-minority groups. Other location: 6 Nha Tho St., Hoan Kiem District, 04/928-5368. 

79-111 Hang Gai St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 828-8723
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Le Minh Silk offers the usual Hang Gai Street selection of ready-made silk shirts, ties, and padded velvet jackets. Upstairs is the best selection of locally made and imported silk fabrics in Hanoi, including crepes and taffetas. 
56 Hang Hom St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 826-1556
Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Phuong Anh is a small, crowded shop where you can get a dress and other clothes made for you in three days (even faster if you are really pressed for time and beg). 
5 and 7 Nha Tho St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04/3 828-6965 or 04/3 828-9650
 Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
Song is a beautiful boutique stocked with women's clothing in silk, cotton, and linen. The French designer exports her clothes and has a second shop in Melbourne. 
114 Hang Gai St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: Accessories, Clothing
Hoan Kiem District
 Thanh Ha does a nice job on women's suits. The store also stocks some pretty beaded handbags and satin slippers.

19-12 MARKET
Ly Thuong Kiet St. between Hoa Lo and Quang Trung Sts., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hoan Kiem District
19-12 Market (Cho 19-12), the December 19 Market, sells items for everyday use: vegetables, meat (even dog meat), poultry, clothes, pots and pans, toilet paper, and so on. 
Gia Ngu St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hoan Kiem District
Hang Be Market is also known as the flower market. Flower sellers concentrate on the Cau Go Street end of the market, but inside is a tunnel of bustling traders selling every imaginable item. 
Hang Da St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hoan Kiem District 
Hang Da Market is a sprawling two-story market. The outer stalls sell imported liquor and foodstuffs; flower vendors are on the south side. Also to the south, several inside stalls sell blue-and-white pottery at very reasonable prices. On the northern edge of this market is a colorful bird market. 
Pho Hue and Tran Xuan Soan Sts., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hai Ba Trung District
Hom Market (Cho Hom) is one of the biggest and most crowded markets in town. Upstairs is a Western-style market with air-conditioning, and downstairs is a Vietnamese-style open market. If you need plastic tubs, candles, or padded bras, this is the place to go. 
Hang Dau St. at Yen Phu St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hoan Kiem District
Long Bien Market really kicks off at around 3 to 4 AM and is well worth seeing after a late night on the town. All of the produce from north of Hanoi lands here before being distributed throughout the city. Just follow the crowds on the streets adjacent to the bridge ramp to witness the intense buying and selling of the freshest produce in town.
HangDuong St.  Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: no phone
Hoan Kiem District
The most famous local market in Hanoi. This is whole sales market
major channels of goods, clothings for the retaillers through the country.

Guest of the month

Cinnamon Hotel , amazing, wonderful location, friendliest, most helpful staff ever !

Date:  21 July 15

The Cinnamon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city is amazing. The best experience of our travels in Asia. This small hotel is in a wonderful location - walking distance to everything including great markets, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. The staff - wow - cannot say enough about Sony and his staff. The friendliest, most helpful staff ever ! 5 Star service in a green boutique hotel!

Even when we were not staying in the Cinnamon hotel ( full one night ) the staff arranged our bus to the beach, and offered us a space to store our luggage and take a shower! The rooms are very nice with balconies, comfortable beds, AC. The food and drinks ( included in the price ) were wonderful - banana wrapped pancakes and crepes for breakfast ( plus coffee, soup, eggs ).

When you include the food , drinks and SERVICE - this hotel is a bargain. It deserves the top Trip Advisor rating.

Its great to have friends in Ho Chi Minh ----- Sony, Phan and all the staff are now new best friends!



  • Great location. Stayed here one week. Service was exceptional. Happy Breakfast was great, food outstanding. The staff was SUPER! They were more than helpful in every way. We will stay here again when we come back.
  • Wonderful wonderful staff at a lovely hotel in great. I could not give this hotel enough credit.The staff were like family within 24 hours.They couldn't do enough and all the gorgeous personal touches they did for us.Loved it!
  • Excellent service and engagement from the Vietnamese staff. They were the highlight of our stay. Tastefully renovated interiors with large rooms and colonial features. Streetscape not brilliant, but a comfortable walk to most tourist destinations. Would definitely recommend as a boutique hotel experience in Ho Chi Minh.

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